IPS’s solution lines: 1. Preformed Membrane For pre-formed membranes, GCP focuses on developing products suitable for subunderground and underground that meets the rigorous standards of engineers and builders. Common standards applied in the world for underground structures such as BS8102; BS8485 or CP82. The criteria that the most prominent required standard [...]


Protective Coating

IPS International offers you a wide range of superior Protective Coatings that added values to your projects, no matter if it is a new construction or restoration work. We approach client enquirers in a systematic way, and that is how we distinguish ourselves from other competitors. For each enquiry, we [...]


Expansion Joint

Structural movements due to the impact of heat, wind power, material shrinkage, earthquake are important factors to consider in the project layout process. This raises a demand for designing and using expansion joint systems in many buildings. However, there are many occasions that joints manufacturers and joints contractors dismiss [...]